Preview in English

Since last week, I have received a lot of requests for a translated version of the book … I am sorry, there is none. But we did a rough-and-ready translation of the preview piece that appeared in today’s Die ZEIT. Here goes!

The last Guardian of the Forest

Our author Thomas Fischermann went to meet an endangered Amazonian people. The young warrior Madarejúwa Tenharim explained to him how man and nature can live in harmony. He wants to defend his home to the death

I did not look happy when I ate the monkey. “Here, have an arm”, my companion said. “It is really well done. Get rid of the black crust on the outside first. Do you want manioc flour to go with that? Please, don’t give me that look!”

Madarejúwa Tenharim, my host in the Amazonian forest, was 20 years old at the time. The young warrior was proud to serve a feast to his guest from faraway Germany. All day long, he had been making a big secret out of what the plastic bag he was carrying around. What kind of treasure might be inside? When the sun set, his secret was revealed.

„We are going to have a barbecue. I have a surprise. I have hunted a monkey for us. It is a capuchin monkey, a female. Good barbecue material.”

We had set up our hammocks for a night by Rio Marmelos, between the trees of an old castanhal, for hours away from the closest village. One of those cold and wet Amazonian nights had begun, and we sat close to the fire where our monkey was being grilled.

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